What do you think the Republican reaction would be to this state of affairs? Never mind Monica Lewinsky. It would be all impeachment, all the time

Lets play a game, shall we?

Lets pretend that Hillary Clinton, who won almost 3 million votes more than Donald Trump, also won the presidency in the electoral college. And lets pretend that President Clinton, once installed in the White House, was facing a hostile Republican-controlled Congress.

The Clinton transition was a messy affair, to say the least. Her national security adviser was the subject of a counterintelligence investigation into his secret contacts with the Chinese ambassador, as well as payments from Chinese state-run companies. That adviser also kept secret that he was a paid foreign agent of another strongman leader lets say, the Egyptian president. Oh, and he lied to Vice-President Tim Kaine about his Chinese connections.

But thats not all. The Chinese, no doubt drawing on their unique insight into the entire US tech industry, managed to hack their way into every cellphone used by the Trump and Clinton campaigns. But they only leaked the text messages and emails of the Republican operatives, leading to months of negative stories in the media and countless posts on Facebook.

For her part, Clinton refused to reveal if she had any business connections with the Chinese, even though her daughter, Chelsea, bragged to the media about getting money from them. Her husband, the former president, traveled to the UAE to raise money for his new investment fund, promising investors they could snag legal immigration visas for doing so.

What do you think the Republican reaction would be to this state of affairs? Would Congress be able to confirm a single Clinton nominee, never mind vote on her legislative priorities? Would the government stay open as it approached its debt ceiling? And would Fox News, as well as the entire rightwing echo chamber, require a boatload of amphetamines to maintain its most obsessive coverage of the foreign spies and corruption at the heart of the new White House?

Never mind Monica Lewinsky. It would be all impeachment, all the time.

Listening to the impeccable testimony of Sally Yates before the Senate on Monday, as well as the astonishing Republican questions, its hard to escape this conclusion: Trumps Washington stinks.

It stinks from the top of Capitol Hill to the luxury hotel lobby on Pennsylvania Avenue, all the way to the depths of Foggy Bottom. It stinks from the Oval Office to the press office, and you dont have to stop at the counsels office to check on the stench. A rank raincloud of lies, spies and bribes hangs over the nations capital ready to release its unusually golden shower.

When the acting attorney general first told the White House counsel Don McGahn about Michael Flynns relationship with the Russians, the reaction was almost as astonishing as a John Le Carr plot.

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