Damn, Jonathan Cheban! If you can’t take your licks, you really need to get off social media!

Some people just can’t take a joke, and it appears

The reality TV personality got bent out of shape when he saw a random Twitter user’s joke about him — even though he wasn’t tagged. Hmm, Google alert yourself much?

Trevor McMullan posted on Thursday:

Ha! Savage but also en pointe. Is there a golf clap emoji yet?

But it was the next tweet that caught our attention as Trevor shared Cheban’s totally NSFW DM response:


That appears to have been too far for Cheban’s PR people because shortly afterward he claimed to have been hacked, writing:

Yeah. We can’t believe it either… Especially since this sounds so much like other things he routinely says to people on social media.

He must get hacked a LOT.

Cheban even told Page Six:

“I never message people on private. I’m public when I say shit.”

Except, you know, for all the evidence that he DMs people with cruel messages on the reg.

Do YOU buy the hacking defense??

[Image via Instagram.]

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