Seth MacFarlane voiced his fears over the future of the Democratic Party on Friday.

On Real Time with Bill Maher, the Family Guy creator said he was worried that the party would take a tip from the Trump rulebook and pick a liberal celebrity to be its next leader.

They came up with Trump, we got Kanye, he imagined party leaders as saying. I guess that wouldnt be it, but you know, a celebrity. Take your pick of liberal celebrities.

MacFarlane said he was concerned that instead of trying to tug things back in the direction of civility and dignity and nobility, Democrats would say All right, well, this is obviously the way things are now, what do we do to counter it?

Maher replied by suggesting that the party split the difference and get someone with balls. I like [Senate Minority Leader]Chuck Schumer, I like [House Minority Leader]Nancy Pelosi, I really do, but we need new blood, he added.

Check out the full interview via Mediaite here. Well post the full clip once it becomes available.

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