Theres a statesmanship a vision, a morality and a core to her that was thrown into sharp relief by Donald Trumps shambling visit to Europe

Angela Merkel or leader of the free world as she is now to be known did not wait long to see the back of Donald Trump before she made it clear that things have changed. She told a rally of 2,500 people in Munich where she kicked off her campaign to be re-elected that the EU must now be prepared to look after itself, that it could no longer depend on the UK or America. The times in which we could completely depend on others are, to a certain extent, over Ive experienced that in the last few days. We Europeans have to take fate into our own hands.

This is a truly dramatic statement from a leader who doesnt do drama. She is not going to be holding Trumps hand any time soon. He may be relieved to hear that, but then the underestimation of Merkel as a dowdy physicist has often allowed her to run rings around egotistical male leaders.

It was said to be a coincidence that she met Barack Obama the same day as Trump. It took a while for to establish a friendship with Obama. She apparently disliked the atmospherics around him when he was first elected and wanted a more conversational relationship. She got it.

Watching her at the G7, her statesmanship, her ease, her ability to broker deals and relationships is ever more impressive. More and more I hear people say they that they like her. Even those on the left respect her though she is a centrist. While Trump shambled around Europe with his goon display of ignorance of other languages, cultures or even basic manners, Merkel was in her element. While he was trailing behind in a golf cart as he lacked the stamina to actually walk anywhere at all, she strode out with the other leaders.

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